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Free Character Profile Printouts

The Devil is in the Details...or maybe not! Either way, I am a firm believer in

detail extravagance!

Whether it is something small & inconsequential OR something devastating & large, details are essential to building a well-rounded character.

*At least they are for me*

As a semi "recovering" pantser, I've had to work hard to find methods that fit the needs of my ever-evolving plots. I have found that no matter what changes or makes the final cut, an abundance of details helps ME build characters who are more authentic overall. Even if a particular detail or piece of a character's history will never see the light of day, details serve as a catalyst to personalities, ambitions, fears, and goals.

With that being said, creating character profiles and notes is an absolute necessity for my process. After scouring the internet to hell and back, I created my own comprehensive Character Profile Sheets specific to my own personal wants and needs.

I print them, fill them out, and place them at the front of every character tab in my binder to use as a quick reference sheet as needed.

For me, they are step one in building and understanding any character. Oftentimes, I add on to them—writing pages of history, adding printouts of physical attributes and clothing styles, and even playing with short stories and one-liners.

Please, feel free to print, customize, or burn them as you see fit!

Friendly Reminder: This is not meant as an end-all-be-all example of a character profile sheet. If you feel I have left something essential out, that is perfectly fine! This is not about perfection. It is about sharing and learning!

Curious what it is like to be on submission

for a year and NOT sell a manuscript?

Character Profile Sheet
Download PDF • 135KB

Character Profile Sheet
Download DOCX • 41KB

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